Sobotta Anatomy Textbook 1th 2019

نقد و بررسی اجمالی

۸۵۰ صفحه تمام رنگی
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لطفا درصورتی که کتاب را در تعداد جلد های بیشتر و با صحافی سیمی می خواهید در بخش توضیحات قید بفرمایید.

نقد و بررسی

Sobotta Anatomy Textbook 1th 2019

Like the Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy, this textbook guides students through the anatomy in a clear, structured manner that is easy to remember. Sobotta excels at comprehensibly explaining the fascinating world of anatomy and carries you safely through every test and your initial patient interactions.

Clinical Cases: Presents a relevant practical medical case as it will be encountered during rotation
Question time in the Surgery Room: Highlight how students can gain valuable insights into a case by taking structured notes during the patient’s examination
Clinical Remarks: Indicate functional and clinical aspects that help to identify a topic’s relevance and put it in context for subsequent patient diagnosis and treatment
Skills Boxes: Provide a quick overview of competency-based study objectives, providing knowledge useful in exams and applicable to future professional practice
Note Boxes: Highlight particularly important exam knowledge to be retained throughout the book
Interconnected Knowledge: Fosters contextualised learning by linking macroscopic anatomy, where relevant, to embryology

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